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Dynamo Profiler Dyscalculia Assessment

Dynamo Profiler is the first simple on-line test that helps you to identify areas of developmental dyscalculia and maths developmental delays, and informs you of specific areas of difficulty.  These areas can then be addressed through a tailored remediation programme such as Dynamo Maths.

The strength of Dynamo Profiler assessment lies in the way it captures the child’s individual variation in their number sense development, using the NumberSenseMMR framework. This enables children at high risk of dyscalculia to be identified.

The assessment captures a snapshot view of the child’s unique number sense development and serves as a basis for tailoring an individual and purposeful intervention. The dyscalculia Profiler has drawn learning from neuroscience research, particularly the areas of the brain that are involved in processing numbers.

All the test questions are age adaptive.

Age: The assessment is measured at ages 6, 7, 8 and 9. If the learner’s age is above 9 then the baseline report will be for age 9.

Time: It takes on average 20-40 minutes, depending on the child’s individual needs.

Results: The test generates results instantly. The scores are presented within the broad areas of the NumberSenseMMR™ framework and easy to follow.

Licensing Options

Dynamo Profiler Licenses are annual, and available for school or home purchase

This allows you to track the child’s progress over the year, which is most effective when used in combination with the Dynamo maths remediation programme

Free Trial

Email to request a free trial of Dynamo Profiler

We are also seeking schools (LSEN and Primary Schools) to participate in pilot programmes that will assess the effectiveness of Dynamo Maths in South Africa.  Please contact us for more information