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Duxbury NimPro 1.2

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Duxbury NimPro 1.2

Duxbury NimPro 1.2


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NimPro from Duxbury

NimPro is a new product from Duxbury Systems, designed to read NIMAS files – automating many of the time-consuming common transcriber steps.

Product Features

  • NimPro directly reads NIMAS/Daisy files. Often NIMAS files are large, and loaded with graphics. You can start the preparation of these files for braille using NimPro.
  • NimPro exports to files for DBT and MegaDots, ready for braille production.
  • Nimpro exports to Microsoft Word documents with BANA Styles (Braille-ready styles) included as an interim format to present to DBT or MegaDots.
  • Nimpro contains automated “wizards” to convert inconvenient and inappropriate text styles into styles that facilitate correct Braille, applied at the user’s direction to the pages or sections the user selects.
  • NimPro contains style editing commands to allow format changes to individual text elements.
  • Nimpro has several ways of handling images. One approach is to render images from the original text into tactile graphics using QuickTac, available free from Duxbury Systems. Another approach is to replace graphic images from the original text with either text or direct Braille. Both approaches are illustrated in the screen shots shown below.
  • NimPro lets you divide the document into manageable segments for Braille production.
  • NimPro converts all unrecognized text styles into styles understood by DBT and MegaDots.
  • NimPro offers easy controls to adjust multiple heading levels to match the needs of Braille output.
  • NimPro has controls to adjust automatic list numbering, bold face, and italics.
  • NimPro has automatic addition of guide dots on tables of contents.
  • NimPro has automatic conversion of the complex mark-up of tables into the correct format for DBT, MegaDots, or MS Word. This includes handling of lists and multiple paragraphs within tables and complexities such as tables nested inside other tables.
  • NimPro offers control over the output of page number references.
  • NimPro displays sidebars with a grey background to distinguish them quickly from the main text.
  • NimPro offers a separate window to display the original document with the complete XML mark-up for user reference.



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