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Duxbury MegaDots 2.5

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Duxbury MegaDots 2.5

Duxbury MegaDots 2.5


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MegaDots 2.5

Megadots is a powerful DOS braille translator with a Windows Installer, designed for the volume transcriber and producer who is working for American or British braille readers.

The straightforward, style-based system and automated features of Megadots allow you to create great braille with only a few keystrokes. Do not be fooled, Megadots is also sophisticated enough to please the fussiest braille producers – allowing you to control each step to format, translate and produce braille documents.

MegaDots and Duxbury DBT now work much closer together. It is easy to bring DBT files into MegaDots, and bring MegaDots files into DBT.

Product Features

  • Runs on 32-bit Windows versions: XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. MegaDots 2.5 will not run on 64-bit systems without the use of a virtual PC. MegaDots 2.5 automatically installs your Windows icons.
  • Includes improved script files for JAWS for Windows
  • Imports Word 2003/2007/2010 files.
  • Since MegaDots recognizes many file formats, you can bring in virtually any document and set it up for braille. MegaDots supports all commercial braille embossers and all modern inkprint printers (except for a small group of inkprint printers that are Windows-only).
  • When you view the braille looks, press the Translate key. Suddenly you’re looking at the same words, but in braille! You can jump around, edit or enter more braille. Braille entry can be done using a six-key technique, or as “Inkprint in braille”, where the words you type become braille as you type them. When you are done in braille, press the Translate key once more and you return to print.
  • Users of voice and refreshable braille displays will appreciate interacting with software tailored for blind access. Screens are simple and free of clutter, and you don’t have to fuss around to know where you are in the software. When you move into a new area, the name of the screen is spoken, such as “Editor”, “Main menu” or “Save file help”.
  • For large print users, MegaDots supports popular screen enlargement programs, as well as a built-in large text mode. You’ll never have to scroll around looking for text or information that’s off the screen. All you need to see is right there in front of you.
  • For sighted users, MegaDots has a familiar look and feel. Pull-down menus, point and click mouse interaction and colorful screens make working fun. The braille itself can be viewed in a variety of forms, depending on what is most readable for you.
  • MegaDots gives you the features you expect from a modern word processor, such as macros, bookmarks, and find and replace.



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