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Cue App – Explore Cue the Cleverbot

Editmicro » Cue App – Explore Cue the Cleverbot

Cue App – Explore Cue the Cleverbot

Cue App – Explore Cue the Cleverbot


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Adventure Together

The cue app connects you to cue and the more you hangout, the more you’ll discover! Taunt each other with hilarious texts, code adventures, or race through tight turns with cue taking the wheel.


Send and receive text messages to discover each avatar’s personality. Snappy answers, crazy memes, and jokes will keep you coming back for more.

Chat screenshot


Push the limits of cue in this freestyle mode by grouping commands and sensor input to create lifelike behaviors.

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Activate cue’s Emotive AI with auto modes (seek, avoid, and explore) to navigate tight corners, surprise friends, or show off cue’s magical moves.

Control screenshot


Unlock your coding potential by choosing the skill level that’s right for you. Easily toggle between block and JavaScript programming to challenge your imagination with cue.

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