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Clicker 8 Literacy Software

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Clicker 8 Literacy Software

Clicker 8 Literacy Software

Clicker 8 is the complete writing solution for the primary and SEN classroom, providing every pupil with just the right level of support and challenge.


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In addition to enhancing the core Clicker features that teachers know and love, Crick Software have added Clicker Cloze, Clicker Analytics, Picturize, and so much more! Clicker 8 combines exciting new feature ideas from Clicker fans with the inclusive literacy support tools already known and loved.

What’s new in Clicker 8?

Clicker 8 builds on the worldwide success of its award-winning predecessors. It’s inclusive, it’s engaging, it’s intuitive, and it enables teachers to give every learner the personalised, evidence-led support they need to take their literacy skills to the next level.

Clicker Cloze

07 - Cloze


03 - Harness the power of pictures

Upgrades from Clicker 7 are available, please contact us for more information at