Safe listening

safe-listeningExposure to loud noises is one of the main causes for early hearing loss. The Clevy Headphone’s volume output is limited to 85dB. According to audiologists, this is the safe threshold for regular and long time listening.

Extra-long cord

coiled-cableThe 5 ft (1,5m) long chord gives optimal freedom of movement while using the headphones on a non-mobile device, such as a hifi set or a computer.

Durable construction

durable-constructionThe Clevy Headphone offers a sturdy, solid construction which can easily withstand heavy-duty use. The coiled end of the cord prevents it from breaking at the connector.

No parental controls needed

limit-environmental-noiseAs the volume output is automatically limited, no adult supervision is needed for a pupil using the Clevy Headhone. The volume can be adjusted with a knob on the earpiece, but never over the 85dB limt.