A safe listening


Exposure to loud noises is one of the main causes of early hearing loss. The volume of the Clevy headphones is limited to 85 dB. According to audiologists, this is the safety threshold for medium and long-term listening.

The ideal size


While traditional helmets are often too big, the adapted Clevy helmet fits perfectly to a young child’s head.

Extra long cable


The 1.5 m cable provides optimal freedom of movement when using the headset on a fixed device such as a stereo or computer.

Resistant construction


The Clevy helmet is robust and sturdy, and can easily withstand heavy use. The twisted end of the cable prevents it from breaking at the connector.


No parental control needed


As the volume is automatically limited, the use of the Clevy helmet by a student should not be supervised by an adult. The volume can be adjusted using a button on the earpiece, but is limited to 85 dB.

Hypoallergenic pads


The helmet pads are made of soft material, resistant and hypoallergenic, ensuring the optimal comfort of the user.