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ChooseIt! Maker 2

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ChooseIt! Maker 2

ChooseIt! Maker 2


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ChooseIt! Maker 2 is a software program that offers a simple to use framework for making personalized teaching and leisure activities by using simple step by step processes. The software requires for the user to press a switch to see a photo, picture and video clip with sound and text. ChooseIt! Maker 2 is suitable for education and learning assessment, quizzes, language comprehensions, sound lottos and offers a range of activities with no wrong answers.



  • Software allows for activities to be created in minutes.
  • Use your own photos, pictures, text or sounds or select from the library of over 1,500 files.
  • Includes a selection of PCS symbols.
  • Control the level of simplicity or complexity when creating an activity, allowing you to choose between 2-6 items.
  • Have 1 or more correct answers, spoken or written instructions and your choice of reward.
  • Includes an  introduction to simple switch scanning and auditory scanning.
  • Allows you to print out your activity.
  • Allows for sharing activities with others( even if they do not have ChooseIt! Maker 2).


Technical Specifications

  • Windsow CD-Rom
  • 5 user copy
  • Site licence




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