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Business Education Simulations

Business Education Simulations


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Business Education Simulations

Edit Microsystem’s online Business Education Simulations use virtual simulation to give students the hands-on experience of making business decisions while they apply the lessons learned in class.

Each simulation lets the participant run their own virtual business and explore complex business subjects. Supplementary curriculum is included. Put your students in control of their learning. Teach learners how to make critical decisions and use problem-solving skills as they try to become successful.

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RealCareer Entrepreneurship

RealCareer Entrepreneurship is a business management role-playing scenario that delivers in-depth business, marketing and finance concepts.

Entrepreneurship highlights:

  • Allows students to start a company, select products to research and sell, and introduces production and sales issues
  • Requires students to complete particular tasks before moving on in the simulation
  • Teaches students about product launches and responding to market and competitor demands
  • Dynamic environment means unlimited simulation outcomes

The simulation showcases students’ understanding of:

  • Pricing strategies
  • Marketing budgets
  • Product quality
  • Sales channels
  • Production levels


RealCareer Business Management

RealCareer Business Management gives students the ability to experience a realistic business scenario where they develop and market a new product.

Business Management highlights:

  • Encourages entrepreneurship and business marketing discussions
  • Offers three levels of scenario difficulty to allow students to explore the impact of different choices
  • Demonstrates how various business segments such as finance, sales, marketing and production affect each other

Students gain experience with:

  • Pricing issues
  • Product positioning
  • Sales and marketing budgets
  • Stock levels
  • Production vs. demand


RealCareer Business Finance

Perfect for more advanced business classes, RealCareer Business Finance offers a simulation that requires students to dive into a financially unstable business and try to turn it around. The focus is mainly on financial concepts.

Business Finance highlights:

  • Students manage a medium-sized manufacturing company that is underperforming and needs help
  • Helps students understand core financial concepts, since decisions are made more from a financial perspective
  • Allows students to dive deep into profit & loss statements, cash flow and other financial documents
  • Offers two years of historical sales data, and provides performance targets for the next three years
  • Provides monthly performance-to-forecast reports so students see the impact of their decisions

Students learn about:

  • Profit & loss statements
  • Sales charts
  • Cash flow
  • Balance sheets


Supplementary materials with every simulation in PDF format and on the web, including:

  • 15-lesson curriculum with detailed lesson plans, slide presentations and assessments
  • Teacher Guide: Game overview, classroom activity ideas, discussion questions, business term definitions, student assessment, and NBEA standards addressed
  • Student Guide: How-to simulation manual and business term definitions
  • Business Concepts Overview: One-page summary of business concepts covered in the simulation
  • Evaluation: Student survey about the game experience


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