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BJOY Ring Wireless

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BJOY Ring Wireless

BJOY Ring Wireless

Turn your wheelchair’s joystick into a wireless mouse

BJOY Ring wireless is a USB device that converts your wheelchair’s joystick into a mouse to control your computer and compatible tablets and smartphones wirelessly.

The detection ring is connected to a transmitter paired to the receiver, which is plugged to the device that you want to control.


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Each transmitter can be paired up to 4 receivers to be used with different devices or in different places.

The mouse clicks can be done using your favourite external switches.

This device is part of the BJOY range.

Suitable for

  • Physical disabilities: spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, neuromuscular disorders…
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Brain injuries: ictus, traumatic brain injury…

Compatible with switch.

  • Control and access all your favourite applications from your computer or mobile device. Use your mouse accurately and comfortably from your wheelchair joystick.
  • Each transmitter can be paired with up to 4 receivers, allowing it to be used with different devices or in different places.
  • Mouse clicks can be performed using your favourite external switches.

– Operating systems supported: Windows, Linux, Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS, iOS. Use the BJOY configuration software to modify mouse operating characteristics, such as cursor speed, orientation, button functions and many others.

  • All settings are stored on the device. There is no need to configure the mouse again if it is used with a different device.

– This device is part of the BJOY range.
– Includes a receiver.

  • Plug & Play USB device (5V / 70 mA).
  • Recognition of the mounting angle automatically. Works with an inclination up to 45º.
  • Two customizable switch inputs.
  • Extension cable included.
  • Beeper for auditory feelback.




  • Emitter paired up to 4 receivers.
  • Operating range: 5 m.
  • Frequency: 868 MHz.


  • Plug and Play USB 2.0 device.
  • Pairing button.
  • Size: 51 x 26 x 14 mm.


  • Battery: 900 mA.
  • Rechargeable batery via micro USB cable.
  • Pairing button.
  • Two switch inputs for 3.5 mm mono jack plug (female).
  • Calibration done via local USB port.
  • LED battery status and indicator.
  • Beeper for auditory feedback for low battery and clicks (optional).
  • Size: 80 x 56 x 22 mm.