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BIGtrack Rollerball Switch adapted

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BIGtrack Rollerball Switch adapted

BIGtrack Rollerball Switch adapted


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The BIGtrack Rollerball Switch adapted an alternative mouse with access to switches.  The device can can be used  as a navigation tool for computers. The switches can be connected to the BIGtrack Rollerball ideally to suit users who have limited hand mobility.  The BIGtrack consist of left and right mouse click buttons situated behind the trackball to prevent unwanted mouse clicks. The trackball can be connected simultaneously with a second mouse connection enabling simultaneous participation.

Available on Tender RT275-2019

Tender Number: 85122108-00043


  • The trackball is 3 inches large.
  • Consisting of right and left mouse click buttons.
  • Including a drag- lock feature.
  • It is available in a switch adapted version.
  • The BIGtrack Rollerball switch adapted is suitable for users with physical disabilities.


Technical Specifications

  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • BIGtrack & switch sockets USB/PS2
  • Switch sockets are 3.5mm
  • The switches are not included


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