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Bee-Bot Rechargeable Robot

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Bee-Bot Rechargeable Robot

Bee-Bot Rechargeable Robot

Bee-Bot is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming.


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The Bee-Bot Rechargeable is a programmable floor robot. The Bee-Bot is child friendly and simple to use.

This simple and child friendly layout is a great starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming to young children, suitable from Grade R upwards.

Design your own mats or use the pre-designed Bee-Bot Mats to have your learners navigate the BeeBot through a fairytale land, a busy street, or even through numbers or letters of the alphabet. The BeeBot can be used to teach a range of skills and lessons, with students learning sequencing and spatial awareness incidentally.


  • It’s a robust and small design.
  • With clear and bright buttons.
  • It’s memory consist of up to 40 steps.
  • No confusing degrees to program.
  • The sounds and flashing eyes are used confirm your instructions.
  • There are fantastic cross-curricular resources also available.
  • The device moves accurately in 15cm steps at a time and turns in 90°.
  • The dimensions are (L) 13cm (W) 10cm (H) 7cm.
  • Supplied with a USB lead and can be recharged through a computer or wall socket with a USB mains adapter (not Supplied).

Bee-Bot Rechargeable Docking Station

A charging station for up to 6 Bee Bots.  This docking station is not only easy to carry around your setting, but is an excellent storage device for a class set of Bee-Bots, it can be wall mounted with six Bee-Bots in. Charge your Bee-Bot(s) within half a day for approximately 4 hours of normal use.

Bee-Bot Rechargeable Starter pack

Includes one rechargeable Bee-Bot, four activity mats (Treasure Island, Number Track, Transparent Grid and Long Transparent Grid Mat), sequence cards and ten white clip-on shells.

Class Bundle

Class Bundle includes:

  • 6 x Bee-Bots Rechargeable
  • 1 x Bee-Bot Rechargeable Docking Station

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