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Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 2

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Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 2

Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 2


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The Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 2 is an interactive software program which provides an excellent starting point for directional language, teaching control and programming to young children.



  • 8 popular Bee-Bot mats including Fairy Tales, Farmyard, Seaside, Bee-Bot’s Home Community, Katie Morag, the UK and World Map.
  • Audi playback of activity instructions  improving accessibility  for all users.
  • On-screen Mat Creator by providing complete freedom to design Bee-Bot mats and activities
  • Shell Designer Module for creating Bee-Bot shells on-screen and display them in the program.
  • Bee-Bot jacket printer allows for printing out shell designs and use them as actual Bee-Bot jackets.


Technical Specifications

  • Compatible with Windows 7 & 8.


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