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The Beamz

Use music to enrich the lives of people of any age or physical ability.  The Beamz is a sophisticated but easy to use system of  laser beam controllers combined with interactive music, allowing anyone to make great sounding music with a minimal learning curve.

Watch this video introduction to the Beamz

Beamz is an interactive music system that uses lasers to trigger musical instruments, sound effects, songs and more.  The Beamz was purposefully designed to address the needs of students with physical, cognitive, and learning disabilities, as well as students with Autism.

Beamz In Inclusive Education

The Beamz has been used in schools to teach learning concepts, implement therapy protocols and as a sensory solution for children with Autism.  Teachers use Beamz to teach everything from basic concepts like directionality and counting, to site words and safety sign identification. Beamz Laser Controller is constructed in such a way that students who are blind or visually impaired can navigate easily.

Beamz In Therapy or Rehabilitation

Beamz is a revolutionary new way to implement therapy protocols. Children, Adults and Seniors are motivated by the use of music to achieve their goals.

Beamz in your Sensory Room

Beamz is the perfect menu item for many students’ sensory diet. Each child has a unique set of sensory needs.

Beamz At Home

Beamz can be used as a fun family activity.  Beamz is just plain fun. Anyone can compose their own original song mixes, record their performances and share with their friends and family through audio devices and social media.  Beamz interactive song library covers a wide range of music genres—blues, pop, country, rap, classical, jazz, rock and many more.

Download the Beamz Flyer: Beamz Flyer_final