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Automotive Simulation

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Automotive Simulation

Automotive Simulation


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The Electude automotive simulation package is an eLearning platform that allows students to learn about the complete vehicle, from bumper to bumper, as well as teaching them how to maintain and repair cars, by using interactive animations and simulations.

The content in Electude appears in modules. A module can contain a theory lesson, an educational computer simulation, a test, a link or a task sheet. Modules contain all of the elements which make up part of the curriculum. Multiple modules grouped together are called a course. Educators, lecturers and trainers are able to track the progress of their students as they participate in a course.

The Electude Simulation package offers pre-made modules and the tools to create your own lessons.

Types of Modules


The lesson modules are theory content units which have been developed by Electude. These have been created by game designers based on the educational principle of guided self-discovery.

Electude simulator – engine management

The Simulator modules are part of the engine management simulator of Electude. It is an application which visually simulates the behaviour of a engine management system through the use of highly accurate algorithms. With the aid of an oscilloscope, multimeter and other tools, a user can carry out countless actions in this virtual engine management system.

DIY Lessons

Using the tools provided by the simulation software educators, lecturers and trainers are able to make their own lessons.


  • 500+ modules
  • 2-3 new modules added each week
  • 4 Learning Levels: Level 1 (Beginners) to Level 4 (Diagnostic Specialists)




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