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AngelEye Smart Glasses

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AngelEye Smart Glasses

AngelEye Smart Glasses


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AngelEye Smart Glasses

AngelEye smart glasses is the smart glasses to assist blind and visually impaired people to perceive the world, which is based on the most advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence technology.

AngelEye Smart Glasses are designed to facilitate visually impaired people’s daily life. Working with an smartphone or specialized control box, it captures visual information, analyzes and communicates the result in audio for visually impaired to perceive the world. AngelEye Smart Glasses are a powerful intelligent device with stylish industrial design. It’s slim, portable, and reliable.

Features/Functions can deliver when we ship them out

Virtual Cane: the glasses will detect any obstacle that you may hit into, including obstacles >125px higher than road surface and lower than your height, and pits that are >125px deep from the road, then communicate to the user through audio.

Advanced Recognition: the glasses will recognize 20 object categories including crosswalk, stairs, door, exit, cash note, color, text, people, etc and communicate to the user through voice. Everything is done locally and no wireless connection is needed.

Location Reporting: with a simple push-button, it reports user’s location information, e.g. street name, next cross’ name, distance to the next cross, heading direction, nearby ROIs etc.

Bone Conduction Headphone: the glasses can perform as a fashion bone conduction headphone for music, phone calls, etc.


It is to be noted that, AngelEye can only work when connected with smartphone or specialized control box through USB cable. Also, AngelEye is to simulate the functionality of the human eyes, and has similar requirement of the luminance. Strong light or darkness would reduce the sight of the device, the device would mention user to open the supplemental lighting in the dark, and we would install a lighting in the control box to support it. But the device would still report the “seen” results more conservatively due to the consideration user’s safety. Therefore, we solemnly remind consumers that the device is to assist people to perceive the surroundings but cannot replace the user to make the judge of actions. Visually impaired still need make their own judgment of the surroundings and take the appropriate action, based on all the information perceived.

Packaging contains:

– AngelEye smart glasses

– Specialized control box

– USB Micro-B to USB Type-C converter

– User manual

The warranty period

– 1-Year Limited Warranty