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Accuratus X3P Foot Switch

Editmicro » Accuratus X3P Foot Switch

Accuratus X3P Foot Switch

Accuratus X3P Foot Switch

RT275-2020 Item No. 3-3alt3

A new foot switch with three pedals designed to allow the user control of their computer. The Accuratus X3P Foot Switch pedals provide ease of use for anyone requiring speed and accuracy whilst maintaining accessibility.


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RT275-2020 Item No. 3-3alt3 …


  • USB Plug and Play connection (enclosed software is included to change the programming).
  • Black plastic durable housing with grooves to aid with grip when controlling with feet or limbs.
  • Rubber feet to ensure non slip on any surface.
  • Pedals can be used by feet or limbs for efficiency.
  • Programmable: you can pre-program with key strokes, key combinations, key strings, mouse clicks, Multimedia functions and Game operations.
  • Once the pedal is programmed the programming is stored in the device, which means you can plug it into another computer without the need to program it again.
  • Optical sensor: when the pedal is in use there is very low noise.
  • Low stroke operation, you can operate the pedal with very little force.
  • Dimensions: 37cm x 12cm x 3.9cm.
  • Weight: 347g.