National Science Week

National Science Week is an annual event aimed at celebrating the role that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) play in our every day lives and encouraging more young people to follow careers in these fields.

Development of these scarce skills in our work force is crucial for the economic development of South Africa.

Bloodhound Project

One simple way in which your school can support NSW is to sign up for the Bloodhound Education Project.  Bloodhound SSC Education hopes to spark the next wave of scientists and engineers by promoting interest in the sciences.  The Bloodhound Education Project makes all the raw data from the construction of the supersonic car available in age-appropriate lesson format – allowing teachers to engage learners in the different concepts involved.

Edit Microsystems is a proud supporter of the Bloodhound SSC Education.

Engage Future Scientists in the Classroom

Education is the key to unlocking the potential of South Africa’s future scientists, mathematicians and engineers.  To stimulate the imagination and grab the attention of students in your classroom, combine the power of technology with teacher expertise and subject knowledge.

Edit Microsystems offer a whole host of hardware and software solutions to enhance teaching and learning of the sciences in your classroom.

To collaborate with other educators and expose your learners to new ways of teaching and learning, you may want to utilise the internet and remote collaboration software to “team-teach” on certain topics.

Install a data projector and interactive whiteboard in your classroom, connect your laptop  and open the window to thousands of engaging science activities.

Document Cameras and Digital Microscopes

The simplest way to incorporate technology into your classroom is using a document camera – that sends a high definition (live) image through your PC to your data projector – allowing your entire class to view and manipulate the image.  Digital microscopes offer advanced zoom capabilities for exploring the microscopic world around us.

Virtual Science Laboratories

A virtual laboratory allows learners to engage with scientific concepts in a realistic simulation environment – saving educators time and materials costs while allowing them to cover the key practical concepts required for CAPS.

Yenka is suitable for Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry, Electrical Technology and many more subjects.

When used on an interactive whiteboard, Yenka allows students to easily manipulate lab equipment on the whiteboard surface.

Mobile Science Laboratories and Data Logging

Where hands-on real-life enquiry-based experimentation is required, Globisens Labdiscs provide a mobile data-logging solution for measuring multiple aspects all in one hand-held device.

Please contact us for more information on any of our solutions for mathematics and science.