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The Lumens Digital Optics Inc. are the prestigious manufacturers of various optical products offering solutions for education and corporate sectors, most notably their range of award-winning document cameras.  A document camera replaces the traditional overhead projector with greatly enhanced functionality, image quality and simplicity of use.  In a nutshell, a document camera is a high definition webcam on an adjustable gooseneck mounting arm for displaying documents, textbooks and 3D objects on a larger screen.  Lumens document cameras also include recording and auto-focus features to make your life easier.

With Lumens continuously modifying their products and design they maintain customer satisfaction and aim to provide audio-visual solutions for educational, corporate and surveillance fields.

Lumens support worldwide environmental sustainability and are compliant with the most stringent safety, health and environmental standards.

Edit Microsystems are the sole distributors for Lumens in Sub Saharan Africa.  Please contact us to find out more about how you can integrate a document camera into your classroom, suing your existing data projector or interactive whiteboard solution.

Lumens have achieved the following awards

  • 2012 BETT award- The Lumens DC120 Flyer won the Best Digital Teaching Materials and Equipment the device allows for teachers to present lectures from anywhere in the room and outside teaching.
  • AV News Channel Award –Lumens has won the award for recognitions for the Best visualizer/document camera brand.
  • 2011 & 2012 Top Product Award- the Lumens Ladibug brand won the Top Product Award by Christian School Magazine for providing superior products and services for Christian Schools.
  • Tech & Learning 2009 Award- the Lumens DC256 Ladibug won the award for Tech & Learning. The device is a high-definition multimedia document camera


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