A Labdisc data logger launched into nearlabdisc balloonlabdisc in near space space!

Recently, students of the NASA-funded after-school NOVAS program, in collaboration with Hi-Impact Consultancy in the UK launched a Labdisc device into near space.  The labdisc was attached to a high altitude weather balloon, allowing the built-in sensors to record a rich variety of in-flight data.

Rich data collected and analysed

The Labdisc measured ambient temperature, air pressure, humidity, GPSlatitude and longitude, and air pressure computed to altitude.

The students used this graphically represented raw data over time to gain new insights about the flight.  They were able to track how a gust of wind suddenly moved the balloon at 100 km, and the exact location when the balloon burst.

“The Labdisc provides a science gateway for kids who feel less involved and can’t connect to a picture of their place in the universe. The Labdisc is a tool that can engage every type of population in science, and in the Balloon Project students collaborated in scientific discoveries that they knew would make a difference.”

Dr. Steve Croft, UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab.

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