The smallest eye tracker that allows you to control your PC with your eyes!

An eye tracker replaces the standard keyboard and mouse, allowing you to navigate and control your laptop or small screen desktop computer using only your eyes.  For an individual who can’t use their hands or fingers eye tracking is probably the quickest, easiest and most ergonomically sound way to operate a computer. Advances in technology are making this form of access affordable for individuals in South Africa.
Using the PCEye Mini, you can surf the web, connect with friends online, play games, Skype, turn on the lights or TV, and even make spreadsheets and documents using only your eyes. Ultimately the PCEye Mini gives you greater personal freedom and independence.

Ergonomic computer access

With PCEye Mini clicks and navigation becomes more intuitive, creating a relaxed and natural computing environment.

Portable computer access

Easily attach and detach The PCEye Mini from your computer using a magnetic mounting bracket and a USB connection. It is easily transported and used with different computers, like at work or in school.

Independent processing

All processing for the eye tracker is done on the device itself and doesn’t slow down your computer. This means that you do not need the latest, most expensive desktop or laptop in order to use the PCEye Mini.

For more information on the Tobii PCEye Mini, visit this link

The PCEye Mini will shortly replace the Tobii PCEye Go.