How to get technological help or log a fault


edit micro support

There are different types of support offered from Editmicro. Depending on the nature of the fault logged and the location, we will either log in remotely; send a technician to your site; offer telephonic support or email support.

If you’d like some advice, call us on 086 111 3973 or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Find out more about Editmicro.

Level 1 Support: Email support
We offer email support and this is the first point of support offered. Once the issue is assessed, we will determine what second level of support is required.

Email us

Level 2 Support: Telephonic support
Our technical staff are also able to assist you via telephone and sort out any issues if possible.

Call us on our national number: 086 111 3973

Level 3 Support: Remote Support
We are able to log into your computer or system from our offices in Cape Town, without having to drive to your location.

Email us

Level 4 Support: On site Support
We have technicians who are available to visit you on location and attend to your technical problems in person, if required.

There may be a call-out fee attached to this service


Please fill out the form below detailing what the problem is that you’ve encountered, and one of our technical team will respond within 24 hours.