Follow the steps below to clean your projector filter.


Before cleaning the filters, turn off the projector, disconnect the power cord and then allow the cabinet to cool. Failure to do so can result in electric shock or burn injuries.


The message for filter cleaning will be displayed for one minute after the projector is turned on or off. When the message is displayed, clean the filters. The time to clean the filters is set to [6000H] at time of shipment on M311X/M271X/M271W; the time to clean the filters is set to [5000 H] at time of shipment on M361X/M311W. To cancel the message, press any button on the projector cabinet or the remote control.

1. Push the button to release the filter unit and pull it out.Picture1

TIP: The following explanation uses filters (fine-texture sponge and coarse-texture sponge) attached to the projector at the time of purchase as an example.

After replacing with filters included in the optional lamp, replace the words “fine-texture sponge and coarse-texture sponge” with “accordion soft and honeycomb hard” respectively.

2. Remove the filter coverPicture2

The filter cover is fixed at six separate mounting points.
Bow the filter Cover by pushing the notch slightly until it releases.


Picture33. Remove the four filters and use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the dust inside.

Get rid of dust in the sponge filter.


• Whenever you vacuum the filter, use the soft brush attachment to vacuum. This is to avoid damage to the filter.
• Do not wash the filter with water. Doing so can result in filter clogging

Picture44. Remove dust from the filter unit and the filter cover.

Clean both outside and inside.





5. Attach the four filters to the filter unit and the filter cover.

Filler unit: Attach two coarse-texture sponge filters (large and small) to the filter unit.
Filter cover: Attach two fine-texture sponge filters (large and small) to the filter cover.
The fine-texture sponge filter has slits on it. Align these slits with the protrusions of the filter cover.



Picture66. Attach the filter cover back to the filter unit.

Align the filter unit with the filter cover and push the six protrusions into place.
• Make sure all six mounting points are aligned properly.



Picture17. Put the filter unit back to the projector cabinet.

Insert two catches of the tip of the filter unit into the groove of the cabinet, and push the button to close the fitter unit.
• Push the filter unit until it clicks into place.


8. Clear the filter usage hours.

Plug the power cord into the wall outlet, and then turn on the projector.
From the menu, select [RESET] – [CLEAR FILTER HOURS]. The interval time to clean the filters is set to [OFF] at time of shipment. When using the projector as it is, you do not clear the filter usage.