EdTech Digest Cool Tools Awards Finalist

We’re proud to share that guideWELD LIVE real welding guidance system has been named a finalist for the 2016 EdTech Digest Cool Tools Awards, in the category of emerging technology solutions.

What makes guideWELD LIVE so “cool?” Our welding solutions were created to help today’s welding instructors save time and costs in training welders, while addressing the national skills shortage in South Africa.  The GuideWELD range engages 21st Century welding students with hands-on experiences while addresing classroom management and safety concerns. One way to help students transition from practice welding in the virtual world to real, live welding without guidance is the guideWELD LIVE system.

GuideWELD LIVE gives students instant feedback on the main aspects of welding during live actual welding.  This allows students to instantly correct their technique and avoid developing bad habits, before moving on to unassisted welding.  GuideWELD LIVE is the ideal next step in a welding training program following from virtual welding simulation.

EduTech Digest highlights companies that are trendsetters in education and are working to move the field forward every day to help educators teach more efficiently and effectively.

With the incorporation of the guideWELD LIVE system into their welding programs, educators have noted that students’ training time decreases, while confidence levels improve. Students are able to conduct better weld in less time with assistance from the guidance icons within the guideWELD LIVE helmet. Being the only system with in-helmet guidance on the market today, guideWELD LIVE is a truly innovative system.


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Re-posted with permission from Realityworks.