Edit Microsystems supports the Bloodhound Education Program

The Bloodhound Education Programme (BEP) is being offered to all schools in South Africa and Edit Microsystems has recently joined the project as a founding sponsor of the BEP. Edit Microsystems support will enable the BEP to be accessible to a growing number of schools and will help to highlight the positive impact of the project on the school curriculum across South Africa. Although Bloodhound is an attempt at the World Land Speed Record, the number one aim is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. There is a world shortage of scientists and engineers, and this is very evident in South Africa.

Edit Micro and Bloodhound Education Program

The focus of the BEP fits in well with the education solutions of Edit Microsystems that focus on virtual labs for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) including technology like data logging and control equipment and the wide range of K’NEX Education products. It also supports the concept of distance learning and collaboration, championed by Edit Microsystems, using technology and conferencing software.

Getting involved with the BEP is free and very easy, any school or teacher can register their interest on the website and then download any of the curriculum resource materials that can be used with learners of all grades. The Bloodhound Project is unique in the world of advanced engineering in that all the research, design, manufacture and testing of BLOODHOUND SSC will be shared via the website – www.bloodhoundssc.com. And that includes where the engineers don’t get it right first time, as there have been 12 major changes to the external shape of the car over the past three years!

There is also a growing band of Bloodhound Ambassadors that will visit schools to give a presentation on how a car can achieve 1,610km/h and still stay on the ground. The presentations will support classroom subjects including science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), geography and English, plus why is the Bloodhound team coming to run the car in the Northern Cape in 2013. The run site selected, and the only place in the world where a car can run at 1.4 times the speed of sound (Mach1.4) is Hakskeenpan 200km north west of Upington, on the R31 and near the border with Namibia.