Edit Micro and the eBraille Project Launch

Edit Microsystems is pleased to announce their partnership with the Western Cape Department of Education for the launch of the new eBrailleProject.  The exciting eBraille Project enables blind students at two Western Cape Schools to have electronic access to learning materials in Braille, using Humanware technology. ebraille project by Edit Micro

While screen reading software, speakers, and touch typing skills have allowed blind people to use mainstream computers, these cannot replace the benefits of reading and writing in Braille.  Braille is still the best way to learn many language skills such as spelling and grammar.

The BrailleNote Apex is a portable computer that allows a blind learner to read electronic text braille using a refreshable Braille display and speech. A refreshable Braille display is an electro-mechanical device for displaying Braille characters, usually by means of raising dots through holes in a flat surface.

The Eye-Pal Solo is a reading machine that scans printed text using a digital camera and allows blind learners to listen to the output over built-in speakers or convert it to digitized text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. The text captured by the Solo can then be stored onto flash drive and be read in Braille on the Apex.

eBraille project launchThrough Edit Microsystems, the WCED has donated a number of products (including BrailleNote Apex and Eye-Pal Solo) to selected Western Cape schools catering for the blind.  Together, these amazing products can provide blind learners with near instant access to electronic and printed learning materials.  We therefore anticipate that this eBraille project will revolutionize the learning experience for blind learners.

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