RealCare Baby Programme in Tanzania

The School of St Jude is a charity-funded school that provides a free, high-quality primary and secondary schooRealCare Tanzania 1ling to children in the Arusha region of Tanzania, East Africa. It was started by Australian native Gemma Sisia in 2002, who, at 22 years old, decided that free, high-quality education was the most powerful weapon in the fight against poverty and should be the right of all children around the world. Gemma worked relentlessly with friends, family and Rotary programs to raise funds, and opened her school in 2002 with three students. Since then, the school has grown to encompass three campuses, providing high-quality education to over 1,800 students. Part of this holistic education includes lessons on pregnancy prevention and making informed life decisions, which the school is using the RealCare Total Parenting Experience program to help teach. Denise Bodart of Realityworks, the makers of  the RealCare programme, recently visited the school to provide training to the teachers on running the programme. RealCare Baby will be used as part of a voluntary after-school program (with the possibility of in-school programs in the future).

Operating the Baby Simulators

The training began with Denise explaining all of the parts and pieces that they would be receiving as part of their Total Parenting Experience Package.  Denise then programmed the baby to run a demonstration and passed it around the class of participating teachers.  Each of the participants had to figure out which type of care Baby needed – to be fed, changed, burped or rocked – while correctly handing the baby.  As Baby cried and was passed from person to person, Denise heard nervous laughter, genuine delight and many cell phones taking photos.

Next the participants learned how to use the Drug-affected Baby, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby, Shaken Baby and Pregnancy Profile Simulator. Everyone had a chance to hear the distressing cry of the drug- addicted baby and feel the withdrawRealCare Tanzania 2al tremors.

The mood lightened considerably when Denise asked for volunteers to try on the Pregnancy Profile simulator. The school’s headmaster, Mr. Abdul, was a delightful volunteer and great sport as he donned the pregnancy profile and was made to pick up his pencil and tie his shoes.

Some time was spent discussing how to implement the program in a boarding school setting. The program focus is to help students make good decisions (like avoiding teen pregnancy) so that they can reach their academic and career goals. The parenting experience will also provide important transferable life skills that can be used in the future.  The staff and boarding parents will be meeting again to discuss the best way to handle Baby overnight when several students have to share a room.  They will also be able to pick and choose which topics and activities they want to use from the curricula resources available with the program.

We look forward to hearing more about how this programme impacts the school and its learners!


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