Do you know a child, student or adult who struggles with reading or writing? 

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Dyslexia is a very common learning difficulty that makes it difficult for an individual to process written language that affects approximately 10-20% of people around the world – many of whom will never know that they have the condition.

Dyslexia does not affect the intelligence of the child and many individuals with dyslexia have gone on to achieve incredible success (such as Sir Richard Branson), however, if left undiagnosed and untreated, dyslexia can lead to learning delays and setbacks in a child’s educational journey.

Struggling with Reading and Writing

Dyslexia is not the only condition that causes learners to struggle to cope with the reading and writing required of our CAPS curriculum.  A mild visual impairment can make it extremely difficult for a learner to read the material presented in textbooks.  Many children are being taught and assessed in English, although this is not their home language.    Learners with physical disabilities may struggle to use a traditional pen and paper to transfer their answers onto a page.  A therapist is usually able to work with a child to determine the nature of the barrier being experienced.  Edit Microsystems work with a network of therapists and experts to determine the appropriate software and/or hardware solution needed for that child to achieve success in school.

Different Solutions for Unique Needs

For individuals struggling with reading and writing, we can recommend two different software solutions, each with unique features; Clicker 6 and TextHelp Read&Write Gold 11.

Clicker 6

Edit Microsystems are proud to offer award-winning Clicker 6 literacy software for learners of all ages, languages and abilities, particularly in primary schools and special needs schools.  Clicker offers text-to-speech, text prediction and picture support for young learners in an age-appropriate interface.  Clicker can also be used to deliver engaging multi-sensory curriculum content in a classroom – including audio and video content.

Clicker can provide assistance to children with various barriers to learning including physical disabilities, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, learning difficulties and spectrum disorders.  Clicker is even being used in schools for the deaf and hearing impaired to teach South African Sign Language (SASL).

TextHelp Read&Write Gold

Read&Write software from TextHelp is a unique solution for students with dyslexia, mild visual impairments or other reading or writing difficulties.  Read&Write is particularly useful for students in high school or university who need to use the internet to perform research.  The Read&Write toolbar functions in most common programs, including Microsoft Word, Adobe pdf reader and popular web browsers.

Read&Write can be used by working professionals in all industries to improve productivity in the workplace.

TextHelp Launch

A recent addition to our arsenal of tools to assist learners with barriers is the TextHelp software suite designed to assist persons with difficulties in reading and writing, especially dyslexia.  Edit Microsystems are the distributor for TextHelp in South Africa – offering local training and support on the program – just another way we are supporting inclusive education and special needs education in South Africa.  TextHelp is a world leader in software development to support those with dyslexia and literacy difficulties in learning to read, write, study and communicate with ease and independence.

Exam Reader

Where examination concession policy allows for a student to have the question paper read aloud – Read&Write’s text-to-speech function can allow the candidate to independently go through the question paper with headphones on – repeating the question as many times as needed for comprehension.

This feature makes Read&Write a highly popular tool for schools all around the world!

Writing Assistance

Read&Write offers multiple support features for writing and proofreading including an advanced spell checker, dictionaries (which can be read aloud) and assistance with words that are easily confused such as to too and two.

Useful Study and Research Tools

The Read&Write highlight tools enable learners to gather highlights from their preferred internet browser into one document, including their references.  This tool can help all students at university level with studying and research.

The mp3 maker can allow students to convert written notes into mp3s to play back on their mobile device for revision on the go.

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