Clicker 7 is Eye Gaze Enabled!

Clicker is a child-friendly writing tool that enables students of all abilities to significantly develop their literacy skills. You can now give your learners who require eye gaze to access the computer access to personalised literacy support across the CAPS curriculum!Clicker boards NEW

Clicker 7 is optimised to work with a wide range of eye gaze devices, including Tobii and Irisbond.  Simply select eye gaze as the input method and start using your device! Dwell time can easily be adjusted.

This brings our favourite inclusive literacy tool another step closer to the ideal of universal access.  You still have the option to use switches, adapted joysticks or rollerballs, and even head mouse devices to access Clicker.

The SuperKeys function (which recently won BETT Award for ICT Special Educational Needs Solutions) helps eye gaze users to type on an adapted on-screen keyboard.  The SuperKeys unique ‘zoom’ solution enlarges keys or cells within a group or cluster, providing a bigger target area. Click anywhere within the cluster to enlarge it, then select the enlarged key or cell required.Clicker superkeys

Eye gaze users can now access the huge range of Clicker Grids available as well as access the on-screen keyboard with intelligent word prediction support and SuperKeys function.

Upgrades from Clicker 6 are available for a limited time period.

For further information or to place an order please contact Edit Microsystems

086 111 3973

Useful Downloads

How to use Clicker 7 and Eye Gaze

How to use Clicker 7 and SuperKeys