SMART is excited to announce the introduction of a brand-new lineup of interactive displays for the business market – the all new SMART Board QX Pro series, the refreshed SMART Board MX Pro (V4) and the updated SMART Board GX (V2) series.

Designed by combining feedback from partners and customers with extensive research into the specific needs of business customers, the new displays provide exceptional value, offer a walk up and use experience like never before and include features to elevate productivity. This new lineup will help you win your customers’ confidence, and their business. Offering seamless integration with your customers’ technology environment and the newly designed-for-business iQ Pro embedded computing this new interactive display lineup will help you win in 2023.

SMART Board QX Pro series interactive display, with iQ Pro

The all-in-one performance display for the modern hybrid workplace.

With industry-leading walk-up-and-use touch and ink, the QX Pro series is designed to give customers the most intuitive experience that fits naturally into their existing workflows. To offer customers the best touch and user experience, we have included a whole array of exciting features.

Features for powerful simplicity:

  • Optically bonded glass for the most accurate, most natural touch & ink experience
  • Pressure inking, palm rejection and enhanced touch for a pen-to-paper writing experience
  • NFC reader with CCID for an effortless, secure login to access content quickly
  • Built in Wi-Fi 6 for greater connectivity
  • iQ Pro kiosk launcher for a true walk-up and use experience even for a first-time user
  • Environmental and air quality sensors to promote a safer workplace



The QX Pro series provides the technical specifications to meet the high-quality videoconferencing needs of the hybrid business market. Whether teams are collaborating in-room, remotely, or in hybrid environments, the QX-Pro series gives customers the added value of new integrated features, including:

  • Included High Definition 4K camera for a rich, immersive visual experience on a 4K interactive display
  • Integrated 8 element, wide-angle microphone array for an equitable meeting experience
  • Integrated sound bar with 40W speakers and 15W subwoofer for crystal clear audio

SMART MX Pro series (V4), with iQ Pro

SMART Board MX Pro series (V4) interactive display, with iQ Pro

The versatile all-in-one display for visual collaboration.

The refreshed MX Pro series (V4) is designed to help high-performance teams interact and collaborate in any workspace.

New features

  • iQ Pro kiosk launcher for a true walk-up and use experience even for a first-time user
  • Upgraded touch system for a smoother, more responsible touch experience
  • New illuminated home screen button for an elegant look and ease of use
  • HDMI-Out to mirror on-display content on larger or secondary displays
  • Integrated 6 element mic array for audio conferencing with no additional hardware • NFC reader with CCID to save time logging in and access content quickly
  • Greater connectivity with Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2

SMART Board GX series (V2) interactive display

The better basic display.

The latest GX (V2) series brings interactive essentials to any business environment for a great price, backed by SMART’s experience and quality. With key improvements such as a modernized UI, zero bonded glass and 20W speakers, the new version of the GX series will continue to offer the simplicity of SMART Ink to help customers engage their teams instantly in ways they have only imagined.