Assistive Technology Demonstration Videos

One of the key challenges in implementing inclusive education in South Africa, is awareness of, and access to, the right assistive technology solutions for learners experiencing barriers.

Assistive technology is an broad term that includes any form of technology, whether adapted or off-the-shelf, that assists persons with disabilities to improve or maintain their functional capabilities.

It is important, as educators, therapists, administrators and service providers in education, to educate ourselves about the technology solutions that are available.  Please take some time to watch the following playlist of many videos that demonstrate different assistive technology solutions.  This specially designed and adapted hardware can help learners and individuals overcome a wide range of disabilities, including physical accessibility barriers, barriers to communication, cerebral palsy, autism and even language barriers.

Assistive Technology Video Playlist

Visit our YouTube page to watch more videos on assistive technology

Purchasing Assistive Technology

For further information and pricing on any of the technology featured in these videos, please contact us or request a quote via the website.

Don’t let funding challenges add a barrier to accessing the right support – contact us for assistance with fundraising for your technology needs.

Assistive Technology Training

Edit Microsystems’ team of education and assistive technology specialists frequently conduct training on assistive technology and inclusion for therapists, school and district based support teams, schools and conferences.  Please contact us to set up a training or information day.

Also visit Ablenet’s University, for access to free online training content delivered by therapists and education specialists from around the world.