Algodoo creates a new synergy between science and art

Imagine a totally unique program.

A program that gives you the opportunity to play with physics – using your own hands.

Apply a constructionists learning paradigm, learning by doing.

Use simple drawing tools to design, construct and explore.

Sounds like an interesting idea?

Algodoo is that program.

Whats great about Algadoo?


With Algodoo you can create simulation scenes using simple drawing tools like boxes, circles, polygons, gears, brushes, planes, ropes and chains. Easily interact with your objects by click and drag, tilt and shake. Edit and make changes by rotating, scaling, moving, cutting or cloning your objects.

Physical elements

You can also add more physics in your simulation like fluids, springs, hinges, motors, thrusters, light rays, tracers, optics and lenses. Algodoo also allows you to explore and play around with different parameters like gravity, friction, restitution, refraction, attraction, etc.

Analyze and visualize

For deeper analysis you can also show graphs or visualize forces, velocities and momentum (only in Algodoo for Education). You can also enhance your visualization by showing X/Y components and angles.

Algobox – Sharing scenes

In Algobox, our scene library with over 50 000 scenes, you can easily save and share your creations with friends or browse and download other user made scenes. Algobox is easily accessed from within Algodoo or from the Algoryx website under Scenes.

Lesson plans

Algodoo also comes with a built-in lesson library (only included in Algodoo for Education) that enables and encourage collaborative authoring of lessons and lecture material for different key stages in education. Making it easy for you to browse and run lessons from within Algodoo or even create and share your own ones.


With a large and active community, engaging educators, parents and kids you can discuss and share your thoughts about Algodoo.


Algodoo is based on the latest technologies, from Algoryx Simultion AB, for interactive multiphysics simulation, including variational mechanical integrators and high performance numerical methods.

Algodoo runs on Windows and Mac OS. Algodoo is optimized for the Intel® powered convertible Classmate PC and interactive whiteboard systems like SMART Board.